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This module is an introduction of the overall petroleum engineering activities beginning from exploration, appraisal, development, production, facilities operation and abandonment. It is an orientation program for non oil and gas personnel and covers facilities project development stages from engineering, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning. The understanding of overall petroleum engineering activities is crucial to help managers, engineers, designers, drafters and supervisors to integrated their role effectively in petroleum development project either as engineering design consultants, fabricators, transportation & installation contractors, hookup & commissioning contractors and operation & maintenance contractors.In short, this module will provide comprehensive understanding of oil and gas industry.

At the end of this session,participants shall be able to:

  • Describe the overall petroleum industry economis activities.
  • Understand the general workflow of petroleum engineering activities from exploration appraisal, engineering design, fabrication, installation, hook-up, commissioning, operation and maintenance.
  • Identify the scope of work of owners, consultants, fabricators, vendors and service providers.
  • Identify the w0rk processes of key personnel Lr.1Volved in the major job executions.

Course Content

  1. Petroleum Geology
  2. Petroleum Exploration
  3. Drilling Operation
  4. Reservoir & Production
  5. Field development Plan
  6. Surface Facilities
  7. Pipelines & Transportation
  8. Refining and Processing
  9. Plant Engineering Design
  10. Fabrication and Construction
  11. Installation and Hook up
  12. Hook-up & Commissioning
  13. Plant Operation
  14. Plant Maintenance
  15. Plant Modification

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