The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University System


The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University System

In April 5, 2016, Octagon Petroleum Technology has launched energy open global university concept to spearhead the energy facilities technology known as The Octagon Petroleum(TOP) University System. TOP University is global network of dedicated experience professionals who specialize in petroleum facilities engineering &  technology sharing their expertise to younger generation for the sustainability of the petroleum facilities technology. This is the platform where all Petroleum facilities professionals come from various engineering disciplines and currently working with international oil companies, international engineering consultants and oil services company worldwide shared their industry experiences for better cost effective oil and gas production facilities and downstream processing plants. All these professionals either designers, engineers, specialists or manufacturer technologists have been actively involved in Octagon Petroleum Technical Committee (OPTC). Their technical contributions in developing technical standards (OPTS) and Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standards(OPOS) since 2005 are the fundamentals of The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) university system guidelines in developing programs, detail curriculum and training delivery format.

All TOP university system programs are developed based on  OPTC competency workshops, industry workshops, SPE technical papers, O&G engineering competency models, Malaysia education framework and finally engineering competency model developed by US labor Employment and training administration which contributed by Lifelong Learning Working group(LLWG), American Association of Engineering Societies (AAES) in which Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) is one of the 17 societies that make up AAES.

TOP University system is petroleum based industry learning system(PLIS) developed by Octagon Petroleum Technology (OPT) starting October 2005. Now, TOP University system offers 2  education delivery methods which are conventional higher learning education system and apprenticeship education also known as “dual training system” implemented both at training institutions and at workplace.

Currently, the apprenticeship training program is implemented only by Octagon Petroleum Institutes (OPI) which offering Apprenticeship foundation, professional diplomas with collaboration with Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM), professional degree and professional masters to suit petroleum industry manager occupational requirements. Octagon Petroleum Institute (OPI) also issues Petroleum lndustry  Competency certificates (PICC) are also issued based on Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standards (OPOS) to qualified participants. Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standards (OPOS) is petroleum industry international occupational practices used by major multi-national oil companies and oil service companies. This professional competency program is considered lifelong learning education services provided to existing professionals in petroleum industry and to professionals from other industry who are interested to pursue their career in oil & gas industry.

Conventional TOP University system offers diploma, degree, master and phd programs which adopt standard higher learning institutions practiced worldwide. Outcome based education is the basis of the program development. However, “outcomes” in TOP university sytem are refered to petroleum industry competency requirements as per Octagon petroleum Occupational Standards (OPOS). Universities, polytehnics, technical institutions, community colleges or any training providers can apply full accreditation from Octagon Petroleum Technology to implement The Octagon Petroleum Petroleum (TOP) University system at their respective institutions at minimal cost.

All program structure, occupational profile, syllybus, detail curriculum, learning guides, assessment structure and trainers development training will be provided Octagon Petroleum Technology as Technology provider (TP). Octagon Petroleum Technology plays role to ensure TOP University system is implemented as per the education guidelines and specifications required by the industry. The primary goal of technology provider is to ensure the owner investment especially government bodies on the institutions meeting the education objectives complying with industry competency requirements and demands.

TOP University is specializing in Facilities Engineering. Using Octagon Petroleum Technology occupational standards(OPOS), TOP university has identified and developed more than  1000 training modules (20 hrs per module), 84 diploma programs, 43 bachelor programs,  47 masters programs, and more than 445 oil and gas professional competency trainings and 1339 competency training related to facilities engineering or Plant engineering and petroleum engineering based on specializations or jobtitles (occupations) generally practice in oil and gas industry. TOP University system is adopting industrial based learning system (IBES) concept pionered by Octagon Petroleum Technology to ensure all graduates having the knowledge and skills required by  oil and gas industry. The objective of TOP university system is to have minimum gap between industry and academia. In short, TOP university system programs are designed to ensure seamless transfer of knowledge and expertise taught by training institution to competencies required at workplace (industry).

Now, all oil and gas personnel worldwide have a chance to grow their capability independently with TOP University system. It is TOP University system vision to preach petroleum industry facilities engineering technology good practices to other process industry such as nuclear power plant, Oleo-chemical plant, pharmaceutical plants and chemical plants to make the world better place. TOP university systems programs are opened to any Universities, polythecnics, Technical colleges, Community colleges, technical centres, training providers around the access TOP university system programs through Octagon Petroleum Technology consultancy services. Many higher learning institutions, public universities, government technical colleges, government agencies and training providers have already implement TOP university system programs at their respective institutions.