Octagon Petroleum Institute (OPI)

Octagon Petroleum Institute(OPI) is the first approved training provider by Octagon Petroleum Technology (OPT) for the implementation of Octagon Petroleum O&G competency training. OPI will coordinate Octagon Technical Committee (OPTC) members or OPTC approved qualified experts to conduct O&G competency training. All competency trainings conducted is based on Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standard (OPOS) with reference to Octagon Petroleum technical Standards(OPTS). OPTS is an engineering and business guidelines commonly used by International companies either operators, engineering consultants, Fabricators, manufacturers or service providers which are based on international standards and guidelines for oil and gas industry. Participants will receive competency certificate as per respective Jobtitles or occupational titles  after completing all modules required specified in Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standard (OPOS).

Module Custodian and Trainers

Module Custodian will be responsible for detail curriculum and training plan of the module. All  curriculum and training delivery are based on Octagon Petroleum Occupational Standard (OPOS) and Octagon Petroleum Technical Standards (OPTS). OPTC approved qualified experts (trainer) will conduct O&G competency training under the supervision of module custodian. Training delivery will be coordinated by Program administrator.

Training Provider Accreditations and certifications

  1. ISO 9001:2008 company for providing service in Education, Training and Training Consultancy to Petroleum, Marine and Processing Plant Industries-Audited and certified By Bureau Veritas
  2. Marine Department ,Ministry of Transport ( Malaysia Marine Regulatory Body)
  3. Skill Development Department, Ministry of Human Resource (Vocational Training Regulator)
  4. Ministry of Higher Learning (Malaysia Private Higher Learning Regulator)
  5. Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) (Malaysia Construction Regulator)
  6. Accredited Training Centre for Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

Training Provided at Octagon Petroleum Institute (OPI) since 2005

  1. The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University system Apprenticeship Foundation Program
  2. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Lifelong Learning Training Management
  3. The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University system Apprenticeship Diploma Program
  4. The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University system Apprenticeship Degree Program
  5. The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University system Apprenticeship Master Program
  6. The Octagon Petroleum (TOP) University system Industrial phd Program
  7. Professional Petroleum Diploma UTM Space
  8. Professional Petroleum Degree TOP University System Program
  9. Professional Petroleum Master TOP University System Program
  10. Octagon Petroleum Professional Certification (OPPC) Program
  11. Octagon Petroleum Competency Certification (OPCC) Program
  12. Octagon Petroleum Technology Specialized Short Courses
  13. Customized Training programs developed by Octagon Petroleum Technology