Specializing in Petroleum & Facilities Engineering, Octagon Petroleum Technology (OPT) has developed more than 1000 training modules (20 hrs per module), 20 engineering programs, and 126 competency job titles related to petroleum & facilities engineering. Technical consultant for more than USD 100 million of Malaysian government education Investment. Currently, technical partner for Malaysia Industry Government High Technology (MIGHT) and linkage between Malaysia energy industry and Malaysian government agencies. Advisory panel and industry committee for MQA, higher learning institutes, skill training institutions and skill development department in Ministry of Human Resources in Malaysia. Looking forward to serve any government agencies, national oil companies or any learning institutions who are interested to develop their education and training programs as per industry requirements. Also, looking forward to any international partners to support our training, education and consultancy services businesses either locally or internationally.

The main core business of the company is to provide training, education, standards development and industry research consultancy services through collaboration between energy experts, academia and Malaysia government agencies. Octagon Petroleum Technology (OPT) has been leading Petroleum Facilities engineering capability development in Malaysia through our industry based learning system (IBLS) consultancy service since october 2005. For the last 10 years, more than 10,000 people has benefit our industry based learning system concept starting from industry occupational analysis until training delivery execution. OPT has developed more than 1000 training modules (20 hrs per module), 20 engineering programs, and more than 200 competency job titles related to petroleum & facilities engineering. Currently work closely with international partners, government agencies, national oil companies, international oil companies and local training institutions to achieve OPT vision and mission.

Petroleum and Facilities engineering is Octagon Petroleum core expertise. Octagon petroleum personnel and independent personnel consultant have proven international project track records. Facilities engineering development technology practices not only applicable to oil and gas industry but also to other industries which related the development of facilities either manufacturing, accommodations or process plants such as water treatment plant, oleo-chemical plant, power plant, Biodiesel plant, herbal process plant and storage plants etc.

Octagon Petroleum Technology are active members in oil and gas industry associations and play vital role in oil and gas training activities. Below are the organizations:

a) Malaysia Oil and Gas Service Council (MOGSC) since 2008
b) Malaysian Offshore Contractor Association (MOCA) since 2009
c) Malaysia Oil and Gas Engineering Consultant (MOGEC) since 2009

For the last 11 years, we have developed more than 200 competency standards via Develop A Curriculum (DACUM) method which is a systematic methodology of developing training curriculum based on industry practices competency. This standard competency standard has not yet developed so far due to the feasibility of the exercise. From our study, there is no comprehensive multi-discipline curriculum for Petroleum Facilities engineering from design, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning