Petroleum and Facilities engineering is Octagon Petroleum core expertise. Octagon petroleum personnel and independent personnel consultant have proven international project track records. Facilities engineering development technology practices not only applicable to oil and gas industry but also to other industries which related the development of facilities either manufacturing, accommodations or process plants such as water treatment plant, oleo-chemical plant, power plant, Biodiesel plant, herbal process plant and storage plants etc.

Octagon Petroleum Technology are active members in oil and gas industry associations and play vital role in oil and gas training activities. Below are the organizations:

  • Malaysia Oil and Gas Service Council (MOGSC) since 2008
  • Malaysian Offshore Contractor Association (MOCA) since 2009
  • Malaysia Oil and Gas Engineering Consultant (MOGEC) since 2009


We provide below services for Oil and Gas industry

  • Education
  • Training
  • Consultancy


  • Experienced in developing energy jobtitle competency curriculum
  • Experienced in conducting energy Training specializing in Petroleum engineering
  • Experienced in consultancy roles for the development of technical energy institutes / college / universities / government agencies / oil and gas companies
  • Trainers have proven track record in global mega engineering energy project execution
  • Classified by Malaysia External Trade (MATRADE) as Export Service Provider
  • Own PETRONAS License for technical Consultancy and specialized training services. Also applicable for SHELL, EXXONMOBIL,CONOCOPHILLIPS, MURPHY and other oil producers operating in Malaysia.


Azdi Abass

Adjunct Professor Ir. Hj Azdi Abass


  • The founder of Octagon Petroleum Technology Sdn Bhd.
  • More than 20 years in Oil and gas Industry (BEM No: 34312A)
  • Graduated from Texas A&M University, USA in Petroleum Engineering (SPE membership 1654045)
  • A Royal member of Perak state (Ahli Diraja Perak Recipient on 25th Sept 2008)
  • Having multi-discipline experience in petroleum economics, engineering (EPCIC), 3-D software administration and QHSE management make him versatile and well-versed in overall petroleum industry activities both field development and Brownfield/Greenfield project development up to facilities/Plant O&M

Previous key positions held in multi national company and international projects

  • Project Manager (SOGTC, FLNG PETROBANGLA Buna-PPL257-PNG, Mini Plant-MARA,GTL-Iran,GTL-SOGTC)
  • Project Engineer (CPCB7, Egret, BLNG-Technip Brunei, Champion Firewater replacement, Fairley-Baram)
  • Lead Design Coordinator (Egret, Champion West, Fairley, Baram-Brunei Shell)
  • Lead Piping and Plant Layout Engineer (Chunxiou-CNOCC East Area-ExxonMobil, Egret, Champion West,M1-Shell)
  • PDMS Catalog and Spec (Angsi-ExxonMobil,Cakerawala CTOC,Egret,Champion West Failey Baram,CPCB7-Shell)
  • PDMS administrator (Angsi-ExxonMobil, Cakerawala-CTOC,Egret, Champion West Fairley Baram,CPCB7-Shell)
  • PDMS Design Engineer (Angsi- Exxonmobil,Semarang-Shell)
  • Piping Design Engineer (Maharaja Jamalulail-Bouyghes, Semarang-Shell, Butaneidol-BASF, Bunga Kekwa-Lundin)
  • Pipe Stress Engineer (Chunxiou- CNOCC)
  • Project Vendor Data Review & Piping QA Engineer (EAST Area- Exxonmobil)
  • Lead QA/QC engineer(Kikeh DTU-Murphy,Turkemenistan Block1-Carigali, SEA65&RAA10-ExxonMobil)
  • Lead Corporate and Project QA Auditor (Technip)
  • Piping Department Quality Assurance Representative (Technip)
  • Third Party Auditor (System & Technical)-(Brunei Shell,Technip)
  • Corporate QHSE Engineer (Technip)-Lead QA internal Auditor and HSE Auditor, Lead health Management Team
  • Technical Coach and Trainer (Technip Brunei, Brunei Shell, BLNG-Shell)
  • Petroleum Engineer (Buna-PPL-257-PNG, Eagle Ford Basin, Stamford West Field,Texas)
  • Facilities Engineer(BLNG-Shell, Brunei Shell)

Technical Advisory (Government Agencies)

  • Technical Advisor for CIDB, MARA, JPK, JTM, Politeknik, MQA, MIGHT Industry Panel Expert for UiTM, UTM, UMP, UTP, KKTM, IKM, and JPK
  • Adjunct Prof / Lecturer / Examiner / Trainer for UTP,UMP, UNITEN, UTHM, UTM, UCSI, KPTM, ILPs, JTM and SMECorp Facilitator for 126 oil and gas engineering guidelines standards for Professional Certification and Malaysia Skill Standard
  • Lead Technical Auditor for Prime Minister Innovation Award since 2011 (MIGHT & SIRIM)
  • A member of Prime Minister delegates to Qatar and Bahrain 2009
  • A member of Trade mission with MIDA and MATRADE since 2009 (USA, Qatar, Bahrain)
  • Advisory & Technical Approval Committee for O&G National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) since 2006 Technical Consultant for more than RM400 millions of government education investment in oil and gas industry
  • Qualified Facilitator, Panel Expert and Developer National Occupational Skill Standard (NOSS) for O&G Industry
  • Actively involves in promoting and developing Malaysian Standards (MS) and industry problems R&D

Society & Leadership Role:

  • Actively involves in MOGSC, MOGEC, MOCA as Committee member, Working committee and Lead 2008-2015
  • Founder and Managing Director for Octagon Petroleum Technology Sdn Bhd since 2005
  • Chairman/Technology Provider/ for Advisory Committee for KKTM Kemaman and IKM Bintulu Deputy Chairman for Brunei National Technical Education Advisory Committee 2000-2003
  • Vice President for Skill development Committee (Chemical sector), formerly Oil and gas sector Founder & President Engineering Student Association at Indiana University,Shah Alam 1994/5
  • Founder and President of MARA Junior Science College Taiping Alumni 1988
  • President MRSM Student Council 1987/88,
  • Lead Skill Development Committee of MOGSC 2012
  • Technical Leader for Competency MOGSC 2014/5


To become Premier Energy Training, Education and Consultancy Service Provider for better energy economics and world energy sustainaibility


Promote “Global Mindset” to local petroleum professional to support global workforce

Enhance local Capability and Productivity to reduce local energy production cost

Maximize local participation in energy industry for better distribution of the world energy economic benefits

Provide real industry training, education and consultancy services to the energy industry personnel for the sustainability of the world energy

Optimize local Government human Capital Investment development to expedite localization and nation building


For the last 11 years, OPT has developed more than 400 professional competency standards, 84 diploma programs, 43 bachelor programs and 47 Master programs via Develop A Curriculum (DACUM) method which is a systematic methodology of developing training curriculum based on industry practices competency. Octagon Petroleum Occupational standards (OPOS) and Octagon Petroleum Technical Standards are the basis to develop detail competency curriculum, diploma, degree and master programs. From our Octagon Petroleum Technical Committee( OPTC) workshops, OPT develops technical and occupational standards which are the fundamentals reference to develop multi-discipline curriculum according to Malaysia Qualification Education Framework (MQF) for Petroleum Facilities engineering from design, procurement, fabrication, installation and commissioning.


Octagon Petroleum Technology (OPT) is a professional service Consultancy licensed by PETRONAS. OPT appoints Octagon Petroleum Technical Committee (OPTC) as per their specialized disciplines generally practice in O&G industry. All OPTC members with minimum 15 years of experience are approved and qualified experts currently serving oil and gas industry in Malaysia and other parts of the world. OPTC is OPT pool of manpower resources to execute all OPT education, training and consultancy services mainly technical standards development. As industry based competency training , OPTC is responsible to develop Oil and Gas industry Occupation Structure (OGOS), Octagon Petroleum Technical Standards (OPTS) and Octagon Petroleum Occupational Structure (OPOS). Appointed custodians will be responsible for respective training delivery modules. All detail curriculum and training plan used to deliver the training is updated periodicaly as per Octagon Petroleum Technical Standard(OPTS). More than 10,000 students and existing industry workers has benefit OPT industry based learning occupational standards (OPOS) and octagon petroleum training curriculum.